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Top Soil and Sand Supplies

Total Turf Care supplies loam top soil and specialised sands as required.

We have at our depot in Old Beach, a very specialised soil screen. We have the ability to mix and grade our top soils according to the customers needs. We can blend our top soils through the screening process with sand or fine compst to a cubic metre ratio volume. We can screen these blends from 16mm minus right down to 5mm minus.

Delivery can usually be organised within 24 hours.

Products available:

  • Top soil loam for lawn establishment

  • Top soil loam for top dressing and re-seeding

  • Sand for sports oval top dressing

  • Compost for garden use, available in bulk or in 25kg bags

  • Premium compost - very fine grade available in 1 tonne bulk bags or 25kg bags. Ideal for Golf Course greens and tees.

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