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Laser and GPS Control Grading

Total Turf Care has been carrying out laser and GPS control grading since 2002, some 18 years of experience.

We use our laser / GPS controlled graders for establishing mm perfect surfaces over dual grade plane axis. Most sports grounds have a dual slope grade applied to them. Imagine a sports ground falling from one end to the other plus from the centre line to the boundary line, a dual fall grade design.

The laser / GPS controlled grader allows for these grades to build perfectly. TOtal Turf Care has three such machines. Two machines at 1.8m wide and one machine at 3.6m wide. These machines have the capacity to carry and place between 1.5m³ for the smaller machines and up to 4m³ for the large unit.

Total Turf Care also have the same laser and GPS control equipment fitted to our two bulldozers. Our Caterpiller D3 with 6-way  PAT blade and our Komatsu D85 (Caterpiller D8 size). When building sports grounds, these larger machines allow us to rough out the new ground shapes quickly (cost effectively) and then final trim with the more accurate laser / GPS controlled grader units.

We also carry out laser / GPS grading for the construction industry for car parks, shed slab builds, horse arenas and many other areas requiring mm accuracy over large areas.

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