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In 2012, Total Turf Care, in conjunction with Cherries Tasmania Orchards decided after much research, that we needed to make out own compost due to lack of quality in compost available for commercial sale. We determined that we wanted our compost to:

  • be fully matured

  • have high levels of biological and microbial diversity and activity

  • be fungal dominated for horticultural practices

  • achieve higher nutrient levels

  • achieve lower sodium and chloride levels

We are happy to say, that in the most part, we have achieved each of these goals.

Our compost is windrowed and managed to achieve the maximum microbial breakdown possible over a 3-month period. It is then stockpiled and further managed through another 6-9 month period of time. This includes regular turning to introduce oxygen through a radial stacker process, feeding the microbial biomass to increase the numbers and ensure complete maturity in our compost.

  • Test certificates available upon request

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Cherries Tasmania Orchards Ultra Fine Premium Organic Compost is produced using our own cherry tree leaves, wood and waste fruit from our orchard. We then compost these materials over an extended 12-month period, resulting in our premium ultra-fine blend.


Our compost is supplied in a moist condition to keep the variety of living microorganisms alive and healthy.
Our Premium Organic Compost is perfect to return organic matter into your soil. It will improve the health of your turf by increasing nutrient and biological levels in your soil.

Premium Compost Bag - 20kg net-01.png
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